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Links to Other Sites

Please be advised that we do not agree with all that you will find at these various sites. They should, however, prove of interest and some possible help. Some support the King James Bible but tend toward Arminianism, or deny church truths. Others may promote the doctrines of grace, but use other Bible translations, etc. Many have files available for viewing or downloading.

Also be advised that most of these sites do not have links back to our homepage. In order to return back to our homepage from these various sites simply click on the "back arrow" on your browser.

Currently they are not listed in any particular order, so you are encouraged to browse through the entire list.

Particular Baptist PressParticular Baptist Press

An abundance of invaluable old Baptist books. An excellent resource!

J.C. PhilpotPhilpot Forum

Excerpts from 'Ears from Harvested Sheaves,' a daily meditation book based on selected portions from sermons of the late J.C. Philpot. Philpot was a Baptist minister in England in the early 1800s. 

Also available are excepts from Philpot's daily meditation book, Through Baca's Vale


Providence Baptist Ministries, Granbury, TexasProvidence Baptist Ministries

Great collection of articles and books from a solidly Sovereign Grace, Landmark Baptist perspective.

The Baptist Standard Bearer

    One of the VERY BEST sources for books dealing with the Doctrines of Grace and Historic Baptist Theology. Most books are reprints of priceless old Baptist books from 1600 through 1900. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

The Remnant

    An excellent and expanding website of some genuine Old School Baptist, holding to the absolute predestination of all things.

The 1 John 5:7 Website

Offers a hardcover book describing the untold debate over this important verse. Also hosts Biographical Dictionary of American Particular Baptists.

Biographia Evangelica

Excellent site containing invaluable articles by Brother George Ella, wonderful author and defender of historic, Biblical soteriology.

Old School Particular Baptist Library

Good selection of old Baptist works and more contemporary comments upon them.

Baptist - Anabaptist Historical Web Site

Dedicated to the study of the New Testament Church: Its Nature, Origin, History and Succession.

Trinitarian Bible Society

    Historic defenders of the Received Texts and the Authorized Version of Scripture.

Primitive Baptist Online

    A new and growing site that shows promise of becoming an excellent source for information about the doctrines held amongst Primitive Baptists.  I have noted several articles that promote the idea of "limited predestination" that is held by most "modern" Primitive Baptists.  Landmark Baptist Church believes that the Scriptures teach the Absolute Sovereignty of God and His Absolute Predestination of ALL THINGS.

Biblical Resources Page

    Primarily a useful index to articles and other items of interest from a variety of sites.  Generally very reliable.

Grace Online LibraryGrace Online Library

    Well-done site containing a number of interesting articles and books in PDF format.

The Primitive Baptist Web Station

    An excellent site! May contain some statements at variance with the views maintained by Landmark Independent Baptist Church, but generally useful.

Biblical Discernment Ministries

Founders MinistriesThe Founder's Ministries

    Online version of a journal for Southern Baptists "committed to historic Southern Baptist principles." Strong on the Doctrines of Grace, but very weak on church truths.

Spurgeon imageThe C. H. Spurgeon Archive

    Excellent site containing numerous sermons and books of the Prince of Preachers. Of particular interest is his sermon "A Defense of Calvinism"

Phil Johnson's bookmarksPhil Johnson's Bookmarks

    Interesting and helpful list of bookmarks, most dealing with a Christian theme of one sort or another.

Center for Scientific Creation

    Excellent site, including an online book supporting scientific creationism.

IBNET (Independent Baptist Net)

    Similar to site above, contains information of interest to the wide spectrum of Independent Fundamental Baptists. Includes a directory of churches.

Dial-the-Truth Ministries

    Articles on KJV, Rock Music, etc.
    Somewhat non-descript organization.

Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet

    Contains links to various sites of varying value.


    Index to a multitude of online books of every type and description.

A Christian Source with Politically Incorrect NewsThe Other Side  

A Christian Source with Alternative News.

Bible Discernment  

Interesting pro-KJV site.

If you would like to have your site added to this list, please send us an email message at:

We will prayerfully consider all requests.